Teacher´s Corner

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Individual lessons

We offer lessons on all musical instruments under the tutelage of top teachers. When creating a timetable we strive to accommodate student needs. As the only accredited school we offer home tutoring. We also teach at the premises of our partner international schools. We use modern teaching methods that enable students to learn playing an instrument in a natural, playful way. We find it essential to apply the individual approach to every student as well as adjusting the pace and content of lessons to their possibilities and goals. Our teachers are trained to effectively teach children who want to play the instrument just for fun as well as children and students preparing for a carrier of a professional musician.

Educational Lessons

Individual study plan for ISMFA students is suitable for children and students, who wish to progress their own paceThis plan is compiled with regards to abilities and focus of the child/student and it is not obligatory to do the exam at the end of the academic year. Students can combine different genres (classical music, popular, jazz, rock) and are encouraged to perform at the school concerts (classical concerts, jazz rock concerts and even concerts accompanied by professional musicians).
The International School of Music and Fine Arts Prague (ISMFA) offers the possibility to prepare their students according to the international curricula of The Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), London College of Music (LCM) or Trinity College (TC). Each grade of this curricula is concluded by internationally acknowledged certificate based on which students receive internationally acknowledged certificate. International exams are organized in the partnership with the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music, London College of Music and Trinity College (UK). The exams consist of a preparatory grade and related 8 other Grades (1 – 8), each designed for specific level (Grade 1 is achievable for a child/student of any age as well as for adults and so are all the upper grades). It is possible to start with the preparatory grade as early as the age of 6, but it is also possible to start with higher grade corresponding with the student´s level any time later. Following this international curriculum offers some great advantages. The thoroughly prepared and sophisticated curriculum is focused on a versatile development of the technical skills as well as the practical knowledge. Apart from an interesting and attractive obligatory repertoire (variety of styles and époques including jazz and rock), students also score in sight-reading, aural test and improvisation. When taking the musical part of IGCSE or IB at secondary schools, obtaining at least Grade 4 in ABRSM is an advantage. Moreover, submitting the certificates (students receive these after a successful passing of the exam) gives extra credits when applying for some Anglo-American universities – Grade 3 as minimum for non-musical majors and Grade 5 as minimum for musical majors (at some universities it is a must). ISMFA has a team of specially trained staff to prepare you for this type of exams. You can find more details regarding the registration and conditions of these exams here.


  • ISMFA certificate (Classical Music Curriculum) – a condition for obtaining this certificate is continuous education for at least 8 months.
  • Internationally recognized ABRSM certificate (preparation for the ABRSM examinations)
  • Internationally recognized TRINITY COLLEGE certificate (preparation for the TRINITY COLLEGE examinations)
  • Internationally recognized LCM certificate (preparation for the LCM examinations)