Teacher´s Corner

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The main objective of our teaching is to help children penetrate the beauty and mysteries of music, to discover one’s own relationship with it and develop creativity. We use modern teaching methods that enable the learning of an instrument in a natural, playful way. We find it essential to apply an individual approach to every student as well as adjusting the pace and content of lessons to fit their possibilities and goals. That is why we offer a wide selection of educational programmes. Our teachers are trained to effectively teach children who want to play the instrument just for fun as well as children and students preparing for a carrier as a professional musician.
ISMFA teachers are graduates of European universities and music academies and other institutions focused on music education. They have long teaching experience and in most cases they are also successful active performers. Programmes for the youngest children are taught by lecturers who are specially trained for this age category. Home tutoring or lessons take place at the school the child attends. We strive to accommodate student needs when creating a timetable. ISMFA offers a wide selection of educational programmes. This way children and parents have the opportunity to determine their own goal to which the educational programme is directed, and ISMFA helps to fulfil or customise it in such a way that it brings the most enjoyment to students. ISMFA motivates the most talented with rigorous performances and supports their developing creativity. It also offers them internationally accreditted examinations, such as ABRSM, LCM and TRINITY COLLEGE and furthermore preparation for the music part of the IGCSE and IB examinations. Regular concerts bring great benefit for all students. Family concerts provide an informal setting where children can share their music with parents and friends. At public concerts in beautiful Prague halls they can meet Czech and European performers that traditionally feature as guest performers there. Our students also have an opportunity to perform alongside renowned Czech performers within a host of joint projects. ISMFA offers lessons in Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and other languages. IShttps://musicschoolprague.com/en/rent-an-instrumentMFA  also runs an instrument rental service.