Teacher´s Corner

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Group Lessons

Group lessons are aimed at children from 4 years of age who want to play an instrument along with their pals of the same age. The lessons include general music education in the form of a Music Atelier. After one year of study and a consultation with the teacher it is recommended that children progress to individual lessons. We offer group lessons on these instruments: Children from 4 years: : piano, violin, recorder Children from 6 years: : guitar, piano, violin, recorder

Educational Programmes

Individual Music Program

Individual curriculum without a condition of taking a year exam is suitable for students whose aim is playing an instrument for relaxation. Students can choose from several genres (classical music, popular music, jazz&rock). Lessons are taught in an entertaining way. Home preparation for lessons is an asset but not a must. Students of this programme have an opportunity to perform at regular family concerts and actively take part in special events organized by ISMFA. The curriculum is created in a close cooperation between the teacher and the student.


  • ISMFA certificate (Classical Music Curriculum) – a condition for obtaining this certificate is continuous education for at least 8 months.