Classical Ballet

Ballet teaching is an excellent means to lay the foundation for correct posture and to develop an aesthetic perception of music and movement. In preparatory years children through playful activities and various exercises learn correct posture through dance walk and rhythmical – locomotive exercises and simple step variations to develop a physical memory. As they grow older they work on basic ballet positions and choreographies. Ballet is taught by teachers who graduated in classical ballet and choreography. The course is aimed at children from three and a half years of age.
  • System of the Royal Academy of Dance, London (the systematic education of children from a preschool age)
  • Russian ballet school
  • European teaching system
  • Acquiring correct posture
  • Developing the ability to express feelings through movement
  • Developing musicality, creativity and joy of movement
  • Natural firming of the body, increase in joint and spine flexibility
  • Improving body coordination and increasing span of movement
Children at all levels have an opportunity to perform at regular dance performances. During these events they have a chance to show their choreographies alongside their lecturers – professional ballerinas. At these performances children can also meet renowned dancers who regularly star there as guests.

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