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„We were fortunate to find committed and talented music teachers at the ISMFA who could instruct our ex-pat children in English. They studied classical and contemporary piano, as well as guitar, with ISMFA staff. The children also participated in numerous concerts to hone their skills with a real band. ISMFA is professionally run and is a great resource for the Prague community.“      TAMAR NEWBERGER, ANDREW SCHAPIRO, Parents (The International School of Prague) United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic (2014 – 2017) „As a Headmaster, I always think it is important to give every opportunity possible for the children in our care; school is not just about getting the best academic grades, but developing the whole child! We have children who are love music and dance and the ISMFA supports PBS in providing wonderful creative programmes for our students; these include individual music lessons (drums, saxophone, piano, clarinet, flute…etc) and various dance lessons (ballet, hip hop…etc) as part of our after school programme. The teachers provided by the ISMFA speak excellent English which is important for our international students but, more importantly, they teach in a way that students enjoy the lessons! For these reasons, PBS and the ISMFA have had a strong close partnership for over 10 years. PBS has a vision in creating a school where people want to be; I am pleased to say that together with the ISMFA, we are well on our way to realizing that vision.“      JOHN BAGUST, Head of Primary Schools (The Prague British School) “We love working with ISMFA as a partner school. Whether providing group or individual lessons, our students always seem engaged and eager. The entire team at ISMFA is responsive, considerate and always provides excellent service. We would highly recommend ISMFA to any school looking to supplement their programs.”      PHEROOZ F. KARANI, Head of School, (International Montessori School of Prague) “Both my daughter and I take lessons through the International School of Music and Fine Arts (ISMFA), and we have both been very happy with our teachers. I have been particularly impressed by how ISMFA has found the perfect teachers to fit our different musical situations and personalities. My daughter, Ruthie who attends the International School of Prague, is a piano student at the intermediate level who sometimes struggles with self-esteem. Her teacher, Ena Stevanovič, inspires and challenges her, but even more important for Ruthie, Ena is kind, patient, and always encouraging. At the end of every lesson, Ruthie gives Ena a huge hug. It is said that we learn best from those we love, and Ena is a perfect teacher for inspiring love in her students like my daughter. I, on the other hand, am a very experienced singer–including professional experience–and ISMFA matched me with the perfect teacher for me. Eva Štruplová has helped me enormously with vocal challenges that have always troubled me, and she has introduced me to the Czech musical repertoire, which has been very exciting for me to explore. It is nice, too, that as an adult learning from another adult, I like Eva as a friend too. We are grateful to ISMFA for finding us teachers who can help us both explore, grow, and enjoy music.”      MARI SCHINDELE, Parent / Student (The International School of Prague) “Last week we went up to the school’s Music Auditorium to watch Anna Rauschová leading her group of FS ballerinas. It was a lovely session and the children enjoyed it. Anna was very good at leading a group of children who are not easy to manage.We are very happy to have Anna here.”      ALEXANDER HARRISON, Fundation Stage Unit Coordinator (The Prague British School) “Not only does the ISMFA have great teachers, but the school organizes wonderful concerts and other arts events every year. My daughter, a student of the International School of Prague, has been participating in concerts since she was very small, and we feel privileged that she has been able to perform in beautiful and historical venues all over Prague, often alongside well-known, professional musicians. These experiences have been unforgettable!”      JANICE WOODARD, Parent (The International School of Prague) “I very much appreciate the opportunity to teach at ISMFA – private music school. Here I can fully capitalise on the experience I acquired at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Royal Academy of London and the Royal Conservatoire in den Haag. In scope of my teaching activities I work with both advanced students and beginners. Teaching here is wonderful and I am happy that I can prepare my students for their further studies in the Czech Republic as well as for their performing arts studies in other EU countries.”      EDITA KEGLEROVÁ, Mgr., Ph.D., Teacher (harpsichordist, pianist, laureate of prestigious international competitions, world-wide sought-after soloist and chamber music player) “Our Alžběta has been attending ISMFA since four years of age. I was myself very surprised by her great interest in violin. Thanks to our excellent teacher and also a large number of motivating events – concerts, contests, workshops – we have been delighted by the progress our Bětuška has made. By now – at the age of nine – she has performed in very prestigious halls of Prague (including Smetana’s Hall in the Municipal House) and the violin is one of her most favourite hobbies.”      LINDA JANDOVÁ, Parent (The Prague British School) “I have always wished my children to have music as their hobby – without the need to do it too intensively or professionally. I am very pleased to say that my intention was fulfilled. Both my children have music as one of their many activities, however, thanks to excellent tutelage and many beautiful art events, they make visible progress but mainly – they really enjoy it.”      MARTINA BOČANOVÁ, Parent (The Prague British School) “I find it fantastic that my children have an opportunity to perform in beautiful halls and on top quality instruments. We also very much enjoy the colourful dramaturgy of these concerts” says Mrs. Renata Lytle, mom of Catherine (16) and William (12). “Our children play several music instruments and we encourage them to work in a systematic and intensive way. We very much appreciate that this school (as the only one) offers ABRSM programme and prepares children very well for the examination. A certificate that children get is valid internationally and proves a student’s level of playing. We have come across marvellous teachers in ISMFA. They are also significant characters of the Czech music scene and active concert performers. We feel very sorry to have to leave. To this school, that has given our children great and firm grounds, we wish all the best.”      RENATA LYTLE, Parent (The Prague British School) “We are very happy that thanks to ISMFA our daughter can perform at wonderful concerts along with professional performers. We also very much appreciate that even as students of this school we can have lessons in our home and we have a guarantee of top quality teachers that work at ISMFA.”      IVANA KOWALSKI, Parent (The Prague British School) “I very much enjoy teaching at the International Music School – ISMFA. Here I can fully use my wide range of teaching and performing experience from the Czech Republic as well as abroad. I really appreciate cooperation with our partner schools within the EU and from other countries and the possibility to prepare students for Czech and international examinations.”      PhDr. GABRIELA KUBÁTOVÁ, Ph.D., Teacher (violinist) “When ISMFA asked me to participate in this year’s concert season, I accepted it with enthusiasm because I perceive passing music on to children as an important part of a performer’s mission. It was actually for the very first time that someone addressed me in such a way, not for an ‘educative’ concert but to really perform with little soloists at one stage in front of a real audience. I think that it was – and still is – very inspirational for all those involved and it’s a great idea that documents the efforts of ISMFA to motivate children to take up the arts and to create for them new opportunities in a creative environment. I am very pleased that this school exists and I will happily support it in its further projects.”      KATEŘINA ENGLICHOVÁ, harpist “If it wasn’t for young audiences, children that acknowledge the world of music from both sides, both as listeners and interpreters, there would not be a future of music or the arts. And what would be the point of amazing performances and interpretations of works from a long music history, if we had empty music halls? That’s why I will happily support ISMFA – the school, that it isn’t afraid to experiment and that proved to me that it doesn’t underrate children but gives them the space and opportunity to build their art profile freely, without prejudice, free of limitations.”      VILÉM VEVERKA, oboist, The Winner of the Sony Music Foundation International Oboe Competition in Tokyo, 2003 „…Thank you very much for having the opportunity to participate in your festival. All of us, especially the kids enjoyed it.“      KARL-HEINZ SCHMELLER, Director of Planning and Construction, EPD, 28 May 2001 “…I congratulate you on the success of your first “Festival of Arts in Nature”, which highlited the culture of South Africa. Introducing young people to the cultures of other nations at an early age is an important contribution international understanding through arts.”      H.E. JENONNE WALKER, Ambassador of the USA, July 20, 1998 “…Your recent activity of Arts in Nature was extremely satisfying, enriching, and professional. My family thoroughly enjoyed it. We hope you will repeat it next year and onwards.”      VARTAN VARTANIA,  Managing Director, SKF Ložiska, President of the Sweedish Chamber of Commerce, June 25th, 1998 “…The music was nice and other activities were enough varied and interesting to give everyone, that wasn´t knocked out by the heat, a very nice time… I think the DHL was lucky to have the very prominent place behind the performers.”      GERT-JAN DOLAS, IT Strategy Český Telecom, June, 26 1998

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