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Music Theory online has started

On Tuesday, October 6th, the online Music Theory teaching program started in our ISMFA virtual classrooms. Our teachers have created wonderful materials for these lessons (including presentations and worksheets). Teaching will also include writing notes (songs, compositions) in the notation program. Thanks to the acquired knowledge of music theory, our students will be able to continue teaching their instrument faster, to learn new compositions more effectively and to manage improvisation more easily. Because of the high number of applicants, we are opening new groups from Tuesday 10/11 and Thursday 12/11. There are free spots available on Tuesdays 4.40 – 5.10 and on Thursdays at the following times: 4.20 – 4.50, 5.00 – 5.30, 5.40 – 6.10pm, 6.20 – 6.50pm, 7.00 – 7.30 pm. Upon agreement, it is possible to arrange lessons on another day too.

You can find all information here.

New applicants can register at the email: a.vlachova@musicschoolprague.com