"Early music education is an effective means of the development of the mental and intellectual sphere." - University of Central Florida, Debby Mitchell 

Child development is accompanied by so-called crucial stages. They are characterised by increased perception and ability for fast, dynamic mental development. If a child between 2-4 years of age – in one of the most crucial stages – starts to intensely develop creative activities, his/her ability of such development are many times higher than at older age.

NURSERY MUSIC ATELIER is suitable for children aged between three and four years. This period is ideal for an introduction to the rich world of music. In an entertaining way, children discover and develop their musical and motor skills. Music ateliers also fulfill the purpose of preparatory courses for future music and dance lessons.



Developing the sense of rhythm

  • Short rhymes
  • Expressing simple rhythmic models through body movement
  • Reaction to the change of pace

Developing the musical memory

  • o Repetition of musical motiffs and short simple songs

Developing the musical hearing

  • Reactions to different pitch (games with animals, fairy tales)
  • Reactions to the change of dynamics (games, musical fairy tales)
  • Reactions to the various sound colours (listening to and playing on various instruments, expressing happiness and sadness in music, fairy tales and so on)

Developing complex music perception (games, dance, theatre)

  • Body as a musical instrument (development of rhythm and pace perception)
  • Playing with Orff instruments, improvisation (development of child’s musical imagination)
  • Musical rendition of short stories from everyday life (development of abilities to express a story and feelings through music)
  • Fairy tales (development of complex musical skills)
  • Famous music compositions explained through stories and fairy tales (music perception development)


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